1.  Enjoy the Lake - Boat, swim, or just relax along the shores of the beautiful Washademoak Lake.

2.  Visit our Wharves - Visit any of our 4 wharves located in Cambridge-Narrows:  Cambridge-Narrows Wharf, Mott's Wharf (next to Norwood's B&B), Humphrey's Wharf or Colwell's Wharf.

3.  Walking & ATV Trails - Take a stroll along one of the many trails, or hop on your ATV and go for a ride.  Walk the Robinson's Trail, go through the woods and enjoy the view. 

4.  Pines Conservation Park - Walk, play or have a picnic at our Pines Conservation Park.

5.  Historical House - With a beautiful history and a structure to show it, the Anthony Flower House is a place to visit and learn about the foundation of our community.

6.  Relax and Read - Visit the Cambridge-Narrows Regional Library and Visitor Information Center.  Check out the book collection for children, teens and adults; search through the local history material; read a magazine or newspaper; visit with locals and visitors and have a coffee; take tourism brochures for yourself and guests from away; or use a computer.  It's free!

7.  Local Harvest - Go to one of the vegetable stands to gather fresh fruit and veggies.  Waters View Produce on Lower Cambridge Rd. is open week-ends.  Mott's Vineyard is also open week-ends.

8.  Take a Drive - Enjoy the scenery as you drive through the beautiful countryside.

9.  Campgrounds - Go camping at one of our top notch campgrounds./

10.  Grab a munch - Visit a restaurant and indulge in a delicious meal - and finish it off with an ice cream.

11.  9J Antiques - Check out 9J Antiques and buy some things that date way back!

12.  Rent a Cottage - Rent a cottage for the week in the beautiful Jenkins Cove.

13.  Acacia Gallery - Richard Flynn's Fine Art private gallery is open week-ends (free).  Come and see his latest works of art. 

14.  Nan's Country Store - you'll find just about everything you need for your picnics or camping trip.  Gas bar.  

15.  Pick blueberries and strawberries in 'u-pick season'. 

Blueberry U-pick across from #3350 on Route 715, Lower Cambridge Rd.  Also in East Scott Settlement.  

Strawberry U-pick at Ray Young's in Jemseg in season.  

16.  Mott's Landing Winery, 3506 Lower Cambridge Rd.


1.  Go Golfing - Enjoy a relaxing game at the Washademoak Golf Course.

2.  Go Fishing - Catch a fish off the Starky Covered Bridge.

3.  Have a picnic - The Women's Institute have provided picnic tables at the Bluff.

3.  Connell's Store - Go to the Connell's store located on Long Creek Rd. (Rt. 710) and grab a few snacks to eat.

 Cumberland Bay

1.  Rent a Cabin - Rent a cabin for your family at Pioneer Lodge and Log Cabins.

2.  Enjoy a picnic - Have a delicious meal or snack while you enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

3.  Rent a RV lot - Go on over to Buckiwheat Point Estates and rent a RV lot or waterfront property!


1.  Vegetable Stand - Visit Raymond Young's Fruit and Vegetable Stand.  They also have homemade baking and local preserves.  Ask about their strawberry u-pick (in season).

2.  Turner's One Stop - gas bar, grocery store and restaurant.

3.  Jemseg Lions Club - Enjoy fun activities at the Jemseg Lions Club - bingo on Friday evenings and Saturday morning market (8 a.m. to 12 noon) during the summer.

Grand Lake Area

1.  Go Swimming at White's Cove Wharf and Fanjoy's Point.

2.  Camping - at either Lakeside Campground or Mohawk Campground

3.  Convenience Store - Stop at McCready's for a treat or meal (gas bar), or the Rte. 10 Store (no gas bar).

4.  Slocum's Vegetable Stand - fresh, local produce available all summer.  

There are many seasonal activities and sites in our area, one being U-Pick's.  Signs are most often posted to direct you to things going on in the area.