Books for Teachers

The following list of Resource Books for Teachers was first compiled by summer student, Jessica Dugas in 2017.  These would also be useful for parents and grandparents - everyone!

Descriptions of Books for Teachers (see titles and authors list below)

  1. American wit and humor
  2. Science-Study and teaching (Preschool)
  3. Primary Fiction 2. Canadian
  4. Snow- Juvenile Literature 2. Snow- Experiments-Juvenile
  5. Seeds 2. Collecting 3. Planting 4. Cooking
  6. Magnifying Glasses
  7. Contest- Juvenile Literature
  8. Environmental Studies for Grade 4-6
  9. Literary Landmarks- Great Britain 2. Children’s Literature- History and Criticism 3. Great Britain- Description and Travel
  10. Primary Fiction
  11. A book about puberty mostly for girls
  12. Using Recyclable Materials for Classrooms
  13. Creative Writing- Juvenile Literature 2. English Language- Composition and Exercises- Juvenile Literature
  14. Coloring & Activity Book
  15. Arthur Activities
  16. Report Writing 2. Exposition ( Rhetoric)
  17. Reading Comprehension
  18. Creative Ideas to Stimulate Written Activities
  19. Canadian Heroes
  20. Verbs
  21. Nouns
  22. Adjectives
  23. 50 irresistible poems with activities that teach key reading & writing skills
  24. English Language-Rhetoric- Dictionaries 2.English Language-Usage-Dictionaries
  25. Handcrafts for grades 4,5,6
  26. Handcrafts for grades 1,2,3
  27. Picture Dictionary
  28. Creative projects to promote science, design and language skills with children from 5-11 years
  29. Fingerplays about animals, nature, weather, and the universe
  30. Verbs
  31. Adjectives
  32. Things to make for children
  33. Paper toy making
  34. 50 simple projects and activities in the natural world
  35. Saving the Earth
  36. Children`s Literature
  37. A counting picture book rhyme
  38. Teaching Basic Reading Skills
  39. A commemorative collection of stories
  40. Shopping
  41. Primary Fiction
  42. Learning about “Dick and Jane”
  43. Primary Fiction
  44. Sketching, Drawing, Painting
  45. Fairy Tale Crafts
  46. Crafts for Kids
  47. Activities and Patterns for an Ecology Unit
  48. Vocabulary 2. Scholastic Aptitude Test- Study Guides
  49. Crafts for 2-6 year olds
  50. Primary Fiction
  51. Children’s songbook
  52. Primary Fiction
  53. Children’s Writing
  54. Primary Fiction
  55. A how to read book for beginners
  56. Coloring book
  57. Primary Fiction: Being kind/helpful
  58. Pronouns
  59. Quotation Marks
  60. 12 Fun Theme-Based Activity Units
  61. Capitalization
  62. A Book of Nursery Rhymes
  63. Primary Fiction
  64. Primary Fiction
  65. Counting
  66. Math for Kids
  67. Writing Pieces by Canadian Children
  68. Science
  69. Masks
  70. Crafts
  71. Hands-On Early-Learning Science Activities
  72. Hands-On Early-Learning Science Activities
  73. Songs for Children
  74. Primary Fiction
  75. First Day of School: Primary Fiction
  76. Shapes: Primary Fiction
  77. Letters: Primary Fiction
  78. Colors: Primary Fiction
  79. Symbols and Rebus Charts
  80. Sweet and Humorous Poetry for Younger Children
  81. Weather Experiments
  82. Creative Activities for Young Children
  83. Holiday Crafts for Kids
  84. Fairy Tales


Titles and Authors of Books for Teachers 

  1. Herrings Go About the Sea In Shawls By: Alexander Abingdon
  2. Pets By: Rosemary Althouse & Cecil Main
  3. The Tale of the Little Chicks By: Astrid Anand
  4. Snow Watch By: Cheryl Archer
  5. All About Seeds by: Melvin Berger
  6. All about Magnifying Glasses By: Melvin Berger
  7. All the Best Contests For Kids 5th Edition By: Joan Bergstrom & Craig Bergstrom
  8. Earth Alert By: Denise Bieniek
  9. How the Heather Looks By: Joan Bodger
  10. Tumble Bumble By: Felicia Bond
  11. Changes in You and Me By: Paulette Bourgeois & Kim Martyn
  12. Beautiful Junk By: Karen Brackett & Rosie Manley
  13. Write Now! By: Karleen Bradford
  14. Art with Arthur By: Marc Brown
  15. Arthur’s Birthday Activity Book By: Marc Brown
  16. Fit to Print By: Joanne Buckley
  17. Reading Comprehension By: Trisha Callella
  18. Art for Writing By: Joan Chambers & Molly Hood
  19. The Heroes: A Saga of Canadian Inspiration By: Stephen Franklin
  20. A Verb for Herb By: Maria Fleming
  21. Chicken in the City By: Maria Fleming
  22. The Bug Book By: Maria Fleming
  23. Poem of the Week By: Maria Fleming
  24. Dictionary of Concise Writing By: Robert Hartwell Fiske
  25. Creative Hand-Crafts: Grades 4,5,6 By: Eleanor Doan
  26. Creative Hand-Crafts: Grades 1,2,3 By: Eleanor Doan
  27. Little Golden Book Dictionary By: Marie DeJohn
  28. Discoveries By: Katherine Cuthbert
  29. Too Many Rabbits and Other Finger Plays By: Kay Cooper
  30. To Root, To Toot, To Parachute What is a Verb? By: Brian P. Cleary
  31. Hairy, Scary, Ordinary By: Brian P. Cleary
  32. Things to Make For Children By: David E. Clark
  33. Paper Action Toys By: Richard E. Churchill
  34. Book of Family Nature Activities By: Page Chichester
  35. 50 Simple Things You Can Do To Save the Earth By: John Java
  36. The Canadian Children`s Treasury By: Frances Hanna
  37. Over on the Farm By: Christopher Gunson
  38. Teaching Reading Skills By: Barbara Gruber & Helene Chirinian
  39. Fun with Dick and Jane: A Commemorative Collection of Stories By: William S. Gray
  40. The Store Book By: Golden Book
  41. Jonathan`s Amazing Adventure By: Erica Frost

42.Growing Up With Dick and Jane By: Carole Kismaric & Marvin Heiferman (Scott Foresman and Company in the library system)

  1. Read With Dick and Jane: Away We Go By: Scott Foresman and Company
  2. Help for the Wanna-Be Artist By: Janet Rough Young
  3. Crafts from Your Favorite Fairy Tales By: Kathy Ross
  4. A Year of Crafts for Kids By: Kathy Ross
  5. Learn to Recycle By: Annalisa Suid
  6. Word Smart By: Adam Robinson
  7. Children’s Song Book By: Reader’s Digest
  8. The Little Hands Big Fun Craft Book By: Judy Press
  9. The Littles Go Around the World By: John Peterson
  10. A Tiger Came To Dinner By: JoAnne Nelson
  11. The Craft of Children’s Writing By: Judith Newman
  12. The Paper Bag Princess By: Robert Munsch
  13. Hey! I’m Reading By: Betty Miles
  14. Colour and Art On the Seas By: Meadowside
  15. Just Critters Who Care By: Mercer Mayer
  16. The Planet without Pronouns By: Justin McCory Martin
  17. The Mystery of the Missing Socks By: Justin McCory Martin
  18. Year-Round Early Childhood Themes By: Vicki Martiens
  19. The Mega-Deluxe Capitalization Machine By: Justin McCory Martin
  20. Lavender’s Blue By: Kathleen Lines
  21. Gulliver’s Travels By: Rochelle Larkin
  22. Over in the Meadow By: Jan Thornhill
  23. Counting By: Telegraph Road
  24. The Grapes of Math By: Greg Tang
  25. Get Writing: An Anthology of Writing By: Canadian Children
  26. Science Secrets By: Robyn Supraner
  27. Great Masks to Make By: Robyn Supraner
  28. Pocket Book of Crafts By: Standard Publishing
  29. Let’s Try It Out in the Water By: Seymour Simon & Nicole Fauteux
  30. Let’s Try It Out in the Air By: Seymour Simon & Nicole Fauteux
  31. The Reader’s Digest Children’s Songbook By: William Simon
  32. Brady Bunch and the Ballpark Bark By: Mary Shaw & Chuck Temple
  33. Grover’s First Day at School By: Sesame Street
  34. Abby’s First Book of Shapes By: Sesame Street
  35. Big Bird’s First Book of Letters By: Sesame Street
  36. Who Said Red? By: Mary Serfozo
  37. Let the Kids Do It: Book 2 By: Norma Ziegler & Betty Larson & Jane Byers
  38. Pint-Sized Poetry By: David Zaslow
  39. Weather Watch By: Valerie Wyatt
  40. Four Seasons: Creative Activities for Young Children By: Alice Traer Wayne & Shirley Charlton & Gwenn Boechler
  41. 121 Holiday Crafts Kids Can Make By: Sharon Dunn Umnick
  42. A Treasury of Fairy Tales By: Transedition Books