Quilting Books

Quilting Books - Titles and Authors (1-221) (see list of descriptions of these books below)

  1. Embroidery Machine Essentials Book 6 By: Mary Mulari
  2. Flip Flop Paper Piercing By: Mary Kay Mouton
  3. Worth Doing Twice; Creating Quilts from Old Tops By: Patricia J. Morris & Jeannette T. Muir
  4. 301 Country Christmas Quilt Blocks By: Cheri Saffiote
  5. Quick Country Christmas Quilts By: Debbie Mumm
  6. America’s Regional Quilting By: Marsha Evans Moore
  7. Sunbonnet Sue By: Laura Nownes
  8. One of a Kind Quilt Labels; Unique Ideas for a Special Finishing Touch By: Thea Nerud
  9. New Expressions By: Debbie Mumm
  10. Quick Country Quilts for Every Room By: Debbie Mumm
  11. Nature’s Christmas By: Debbie Mumm
  12. Frosty Folks By: Debbie Mumm
  13. Seasonal Samplers; Autumn and Winter By: Debbie Mumm
  14. 12 Days of Christmas By: Debbie Mumm
  15. Quick Country Quilting By: Debbie Mumm
  16. Hawaiian Quilting By: Elizabeth Root
  17. 1000 Great Quilting Designs for Hand or Machine Stitching By: Luise Roberts
  18. Quilting Patchwork & Applique By: Sedgewood Press
  19. Quilting School By: Ann Poe
  20. Do It Yourself Framed Quilts By: Gai Perry
  21. Reversible Quilts; 2 at a time By: Sharon Pederson
  22. More Quick Watercolor Quilts By: Dina Pappas
  23. Quilt with the Best By: Oxmoor House
  24. Great American Quilts 1993 By: Sandra L. O’Brien
  25. Follow the Dots to Dazzling Quilts By: Joan Segna & Jayme Crow
  26. Bonnet Girls; Patterns of the Past By: Helen R. Scott
  27. Quick Sew Celebrations By: Marjon Schaefer
  28. Fat Quarter Fun By: Karen Snyder
  29. 336 10 Minute Quilt Blocks By: Holly L. Schmidt
  30. Scrapmania; More Quick-Pierced Scrap Quilts By: Sally Schneider
  31. Amish Quilt Designs By: Doreen Lynn Saunders
  32. Victorian Quilting By: Ruth Romaker
  33. 7-Day Country Quilts By: Fran Roen
  34. Quiltmaking Tips & Techniques By: Rodale Press
  35. Small Quilts By: Oxmoor House
  36. Artful Album QuIlts By: Jane Townswick
  37. Quilt Projects by Machine By: Singer
  38. Learn Patchwork By: Lynette- Merlin Syme
  39. The Quilt as Art Rags to Riches By: Laurie Swim
  40. Weekend Scrap Quilting By: Jeanne Stauffer & Sandra L. Hatch
  41. Nickel Quilts; Great Designs from 5-inch Scraps By: Pat Speth & Charlene Thode
  42. Wedding Ring By: Karen Costello Soltys
  43. Pineapple Quilt; A piece of cake By: Loretta Smith
  44. Pineapple Passion By: Nancy Smith & Lynda Milligan
  45. The Quilting Bible By: Singer
  46. Patchwork Animal Quilts By: Marcia Dalbey Schurtleff
  47. Folk Art Cookie Cutters By: Suzanne Tigue Shore
  48. Quilt Settings By: Marie Shirer
  49. Trip Around the World Quilts By: Blanche Young & Helen Young
  50. Starmakers Ablaze Vol.1 By: Kaye Wood
  51. Seasonal Patchwork & Quilting By: Colette Wolff
  52. The Quilting Bee By: Jackie Wolff & Lori ALuna
  53. Scrap Quilts; Fast and Fun By: Patricia Wilens
  54. The Weekend Quilter By: Rosemary Wilkinson
  55. A Celebration of Hearts By: Jean Wells & Marina Anderson
  56. Sampler Blocks From Antique Quilts By: Donna Wilder
  57. Appliquilt; for Christmas By: Tonee White
  58. Appliquilt; Your ABCs By: Tonee White
  59. Buttonhole Stitch Applique By: Jean Wells
  60. Templates for 171 nine-patch Quilt Blocks By: Rita Weiss
  61. Happy Go Lucky Quilts By: Mary Lou Weidman
  62. The Hidden Hazards of Quilting By: Cathy Watts
  63. The Practical Encyclopedia of Quilting and Quilt Design By: Isabel Stanley & Jenny Watson
  64. Romantic Patchwork & Quilting By: Ciba Vaughan
  65. Machine Applique Made Easy By: Jean Wells
  66. Teach Yourself Machine Piercing & Quilting By: Debra Wagner
  67. Block Magic By: Nancy Johnson Srebro
  68. The Applique Book By: Rose Verney
  69. Romance with Quilts By: Paula Vaughan
  70. Quilt; Handmade Style By: Van Hauff & Ruth Etal
  71. Quilts for Babies and Kids By: House of White Birches
  72. Scrap Quilts: The Art of Making Do By: Roberta Horton
  73. Around the Block Again By: Judy Hopkins
  74. The Pieced Quilt and American Design Tradition By: Jonathan Holstein
  75. Yesterday’s Charm By: Sharon Holmes
  76. Making & Displaying Quilts By: Sarah Hoggett
  77. Comfort & Joy: 14 Quilts For Christmas By: Mary Hickey
  78. Beyond the Horizon By: Valerie Hearder
  79. Precut Quilts By: M’Liss Rae Hawley
  80. Fat Quarter Quilts By: M’Liss Rae Hawley
  81. Favorite Heirloom Quilts By: Sandra L. Hatch
  82. Classic Quilts By: Susan Harris
  83. Encyclopedia of Quilting By: Donna Kooler
  84. Red and Green: An Applique Tradition By: Jeana Kimball
  85. Quilting: 20 Fresh & Fabulous Projects By: Karol Kavaya & Vicki Skemp
  86. Community Quilts: How to Organize, Design & Make a Group Quilt By: Karol Kavaya & Vicki Skemp
  87. Simply Fat Quarters By: It’s Sew Emma Patterns
  88. A Garden of Quilts By: Mary Elizabeth Johnson
  89. Scraps Organized to Perfection By: DeLoa Jones
  90. Thimbleberries: Learning To Quilt By: Lynette Jensen
  91. Thimbleberries: New Collection of Classic Quilts By: Lynette Jensen
  92. A Thimbleberries Housewarming By: Lynette Jensen
  93. The Second Quiltmaker’s Handbook By: Michael James
  94. Small Wall Quilts By: House of White Birches
  95. The Quilt Encyclopedia Illustrated By: Carter Houck
  96. 120 Patterns for Traditional Patchwork Quilts By: Maggie Malone
  97. Rich Traditions; Scrap Quilts to Paper Piece By: Nancy Mahoney
  98. Basket Bonanza; 14 Quilts From Best-Loved Blocks By: Nancy Mahoney
  99. Let’s Make More Patchwork Quilts By: Jessie MacDonald
  100. Country Patchwork & Quilting By: Leslie Linsley
  101. Sunbonnet Sue; All Through the Year By: Sue Linker
  102. The Weekend Quilt By: Leslie Linsley
  103. Country Weekend Patchwork Quilts By: Leslie Linsley
  104. Great Little Quilts By: Eleanor Levie
  105. Threaded Together; The Pink Ribbon Quilt Project By: Eleanor Levie
  106. Quick-Method Quilts By: Leisure Arts, Inc.
  107. The Complete Quilting Course By: Gail Lawther
  108. The Quilted Cottage By: Pearl Louise Krush
  109. Quilts of ThimbleCreek By: Kooler Design Studio, Inc.
  110. The Handbook of Quilting By: Sally Milner Publishing
  111. Smashing Sets By: Margaret J. Miller
  112. Country Fabric Scrap Crafts By: Marti Michell
  113. Designing Quilts with Strips and Squares By: Marti Michell
  114. Quilts and Other Bed Coverings in the Canadian Tradition By: Ruth Mckendry
  115. Quilts Galore! By: Diana McClun & Laura Nownes
  116. Biblical Blocks By: Rosemary Makhan
  117. The Quilting Sourcebook By: Maggi McCormick Gordon
  118. Quilts! Quilts! Quilts! The Complete Guide to Quiltmaking By: Diana McClun & Laura Nownes
  119. Simply Scrappy Quilts By: Nancy J. Martin
  120. The Farmyard in Patchwork and Applique By: Helene Martin
  121. Paper Piece the Quick- Strip Way By: Peggy Martin
  122. Orphan Block Quilts By: Tricia Lynn Maloney
  123. Quilting Shortcuts By: Maggie Malone
  124. Merry Christmas Quilting By: Barbara Clayton
  125. Quick Quilts By: Annette Claxton
  126. Quilting Patchwork & Applique By: David E. Clark
  127. In Love With Quilts By: Anne Van Wagner Childs
  128. Fast Quilts From Fat Quarters By: Barbara Chainey
  129. Learn to Quilt Row by Row By: Linda Causee
  130. Quilts A to Z By: Linda Causee
  131. Stash with Splash Quilts By: Cindy Casciato
  132. The Quilted Year By: Sandra Graham Case
  133. An Amish Quilt in a Day By: Eleanor Burns
  134. Quilt Block Party Series # 1 By: Eleanor Burns
  135. Trio of Treasured Quilts By: Eleanor Burns
  136. Quilt Block Party Series # 3 By: Eleanor Burns
  137. Radiant Star Quilt By: Eleanor Burns
  138. May Basket By: Eleanor Burns
  139. Blazing Star Tablecloth By: Eleanor Burns
  140. Friendship Quilt By: Eleanor Burns
  141. Applique in a Day By: Eleanor Burns
  142. Luv’n Stuff Garden By: Barb Bullen & Karen Rizzo
  143. 130 Mini Quilt Blocks By: Susan Briscoe
  144. Quilting as a Hobby By: Dorothy Brightbill
  145. 50 Country Quilting Projects By: Margit Echols
  146. Stash Buster Quilts By: Lynne Edwards
  147. Teach Yourself to Quilt By: Patricia Eaton
  148. Easy Machine Paper Piercing By: Carol Doak
  149. Learn to do Hand Quilting in Just One Day By: Nancy Brenan Daniel
  150. Holly Jolly Christmas Quilting By: Jeanne Stauffer & Sandra L. Hatch
  151. The Quilting Bible By: The Editors of Creative Publishing International
  152. Half Log Cabin Quilts By: Sharyn Squier Craig
  153. Quick & Easy Quiltmaking By:Mary Hickey, Nancy J. Martin, Marsha McCloskey & Sara Nephew
  154. Country Quilts By: Eleanor Levie, Jennifer Place & Mary Seehafer Sears
  155. How to Make an Amish Quilt By: Rachel & Kenneth Pellman
  156. The Quilter’s Catalog By: Meg Cox
  157. Sweet & Simple Country Quilts By: Jenni Dobson
  158. John Corey’s Quilts By: John Corey
  159. Great American Quilts 1988 By: Sandra L. O’Brien ( Says Candace N. Conard on card in book)
  160. The Art of Machine Piecing By: Sally Collins
  161. Great American Quilts Book Six By: Susan Ramey Cleveland & Rhonda Richards Wamble
  162. Easy Machine Quilting By: Jane Townswick
  163. Sew One and You’re Done; Making a Quilt From A Single Block By: Evelyn Sloppy
  164. Fast Patch; A Treasury of Strip Quilt Projects By: Anita Hallock
  165. Patchwork Quilting By: Katharine Guerrier
  166. The Classic American Quilt Collection; Log Cabin By: Mary V. Green
  167. America’s Best Quilting Projects; Scrap Quilts By: Marianne Fons & Liz Porter
  168. America’s Best Quilting Projects; Star Quilts By: Marianne Fons & Liz Porter
  169. Americana Sampler From Fons and Porter By: Marianne Fons & Liz Porter
  170. John Flynn’s Double Wedding Ring By: John Flynn
  171. Quilting by Machine By: Zoe A. Graul
  172. Folk Art Applique Quilts By: Dawn Fitzpatrick
  173. Fat Quarter Friendly By: Marianne Fons & Liz Porter
  174. Quilts for all Seasons By: Nancy J. Fitzpatrick
  175. Quilting in Squares By: Katharine Fisher & Elizabeth Kay
  176. Infinite Stars By: Gayle Bong
  177. New Ideas For Lap Quilting By: Georgia Bonesteel
  178. Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel By: Georgia Bonesteel
  179. 101 Fun-to-Quilt Pot Holders By: Trice Boerens
  180. The Quilting And Patchwork Project Book By: Katherine Guerrier
  181. Me & My Sister’s Fun Quilts By: Barbara Groves & Mary Jacobson
  182. Scrap Quilt Sensation By: Katharine Guerrier
  183. The Classic American Quilt Collection; Nine Patch By: Mary V. Green
  184. Spools & Tools; Wallhanging By: Wendy Gilbert
  185. American Patchwork & Quilting By: Better Homes and Gardens
  186. Quilter’s Complete Guide By: Marianne Fons & Liz Porter
  187. Shadow Applique By: Yvonne L. Amico
  188. Alex Anderson’s Hand & Machine Applique By: Alex Anderson
  189. Hearts to Quilt By: Carol Armstrong
  190. Floorquilts By: Ellen Highsmith Silver
  191. Quilting in the Morning Calm By: Shirley MacGregor & Sheila Steers
  192. The Country Bride Quilt Collection By: Cheryl A. Benner & Rachel T. Pellman
  193. Historical Penny Squares; Embroidery Patterns By: Willa Baranowski
  194. The Country Love Quilt By: Cheryl A. Benner & Rachel T. Pellman
  195. 101 Full-Size Quilt Blocks And Borders By: Better Homes and Gardens
  196. Stepping Stones Flying Mallards By: Dale Burdett
  197. Patchwork & Quilting By: Better Homes and Gardens
  198. 24 Floral Blocks to Piece By: Trice Boerens
  199. New Cuts For New Quilts By: Karla Alexander
  200. Teach Yourself Machine Quilting By: Barbara Baatz
  201. Your Family Heritage; Projects in Applique By: Terrece Beesley & Trice Boerens
  202. Very Easy Crazy Patchwork By: Betty Barnden
  203. The Big Book of Applique for Quilts and Banners, Clothes, Hangings, Gifts & More By: Virginia Avery
  204. 365 Foundation Quilt Blocks By: Linda Causee
  205. 101 Fabulous Rotary-Cut Quilts By: Judy Hopkins and Nancy J. Martin
  206. The Joy of Quilting By: Joan Hanson & Mary Hickey
  207. Fabric Frenzy By: Debbie Mumm
  208. Fabric Christmas Whimsies By: Vicki Phipps
  209. The Patchworker’s Sewing Machine Quilt By: Rita Weiss
  210. Quick Quilter’s Pincushions By: Beth Wheeler
  211. Quilts By: Bonnie Barton Armstrong
  212. The Stitchin’ Post By: Jean Wells & Lawry Thorn
  213. The Stenciled Quilt By: Marie Sturmer
  214. Quick Watercolor Quilts By: Dina Pappas
  215. The Simple Joys of Quilting By: Joan Hanson & Mary Hickey
  216. Quilted Memories By: Mary Lou Weidman
  217. Snowball Quilt Simplified By: Patricia Knoechel 
  218. Encyclopedia of Classic Quilt Pattern by Leisure Arts
  219. Snowball Quilt Simplified by Patricia Knoechel
  220. Patchwork Quilting and Applique by Jenni Dobson
  221. Quilter's Almanac by Eleanor Burns

Quilting Books - Description (1-221)

  1. Applique techniques
  2. A) Patchwork-Patterns B) Machine Quilting- Patterns
  3. A) Quilting B) Quilt History
  4. A) Quilting-Patterns B) Patchwork-Patterns C) Applique- Patterns D) Christmas Decorations
  5. A) Patchwork-Patterns B) Applique-Patterns C) Christmas Decorations D) Quilts
  6. Quilting
  7. A) Patchwork-Patterns B) Quilting-Patterns
  8. Quilts-Labelling-Design
  9. Quilting
  10. A) Patchwork B) Appliques C) Quilts
  11. A) Holiday Gift & Quilting Projects B) Christmas
  12. Snowmen
  13. Seasonal Quilts, Gifts, and Trimmings
  14. Christmas Gift, Decorating, and Quilting ideas
  15. Easy, timesaving techniques
  16. Quilting-Hawaii-Patterns
  17. Quilting-Designs
  18. Patchwork & Applique
  19. Quilting-Handbooks, Manuals, etc
  20. A) Patchwork-Patterns B) Miniature Quilts C) Wall Hangings D) Fabric Pictures E) Picture Frames & Framing
  21. A) Patchwork-Patterns B) Quilting- Patterns
  22. A) Patchwork-Patterns B) Patchwork Quilts C) Fusible Materials in Sewing D) Watercolor Quilting
  23. Quilting
  24. Quilting
  25. A) Patchwork-Patterns B) Quilting C) Dots (Art)
  26. Quilting Patterns
  27. Sewing
  28. Fat Quarters
  29. A) Applique-Patterns B) Patchwork-Patterns C) Wall Hangings D) Miniature Quilts E) Fusible Materials in Sewing
  30. A) Patchwork-Patterns B) Quilting-Patterns
  31. A) Patchwork-Patterns B) Quilts, Amish
  32. Victorian Quilting
  33. A) Patchwork-Patterns B) Machine Quilting- Patterns
  34. A) Patchwork B) Applique C) Quilting
  35. Quilts
  36. A) Applique-Patterns B) Quilting-Patterns C) Album Quilts
  37. A) Patchwork-Patterns B) Machine Sewing C) Patchwork Quilts
  38. Patchwork
  39. A) Art Quilts-Nova Scotia-Lunenburg B) Artists’ Books-Canada
  40. Quilting
  41. A) Patchwork-Patterns B) Quilting-Patterns
  42. A) Quilting-Patterns B) Patchwork-Patterns
  43. A) Quilting-Patterns B) Patchwork-Patterns
  44. A) Quilting-Patterns B) Patchwork-Patterns
  45. A) Quilting B) Patchwork
  46. A) Patchwork Quilts B) Animal
  47. A) Sewing B) Patterns
  48. Quilting
    1. 35 Quilt Patterns
    2. A) Patchwork B) Quilting
    3. A) Quilting-Patterns B) Applique-Patterns C) Patchwork-Patterns
    4. Quilting
    5. A) Patchwork-Patterns B) Quilting-Patterns C) Patchwork Quilts
    6. Heart Quilts, Patchwork & Applique
    7. Quilting
    8. A) Applique-Patterns B) Quilts C) Christmas Decorations
    9. A) Applique-Patterns B) Patchwork-Patterns C) Alphabets
    10. A) Applique-Patterns B) Quilts C) Wearable Art
    11. Quilting Templates
    12. Quilting
    13. A) Quilting-Physiological Aspects B) Overuse Injuries-Prevention
    14. A) Quilting B) Applique C) Patchwork
    15. Patchwork & Quilting
    16. A) Machine Applique B) Machine Applique-Patterns
    17. A) Patchwork-Patterns B) Machine Quilting
    18. A) Patchwork-Patterns B) Quilting-Patterns
    19. A Guide to the Art & Craft of Applique
    20. Quilts
    21. Quilting
    22. Quilting
    23. A) Patchwork- Patterns B) Quilting- Patterns C) Patchwork Quilts
    24. Quilting- Patterns
    25. Quilting
    26. A) Traditional or Contemporary Techniques for Creating a Masterpiece B) Quilting
    27. A) Patchwork-Patterns B) Quilting-Patterns C) Patchwork Quilts
    28. 14 Quilts for Christmas
    29. A) Applique B) Miniature Craft C) Landscape in Art
    30. A) Patchwork- Patterns B) Quilting
    31. A) Patchwork Patterns B) Quilting Patterns
    32. A) Quilting B) 5 Vintage Patterns
    33. Quilting
    34. Quilting
    35. A) Applique- Patterns B) Patchwork- Patterns C) Quilts- United States-History-19th Century D) Quilters- United States- Biography
    36. A) Quilting B) 20 Fresh & Fabulous Projects
    37. A) Patchwork B) Quilting C) Patchwork Quilts D) Group work in art- United States
    38. Quilting
    39. Designs & Patterns for over 50 Flower Quilts
    40. A) Patchwork B) Quilting
    41. A) Quilting- Patterns B) Patchwork- Patterns
    42. A) Quilting- Patterns B) Patchwork- Patterns C) Applique- Patterns
    43. 22 Projects for Quilters
    44. Creative Approaches to Contemporary Quilt Design
    45. Wall Quilts
    46. A) Quilts- Dictionaries
    47. A) Patchwork- Patterns B) Quilting- Patterns
    48. Scrap Quilts
    49. A) Patchwork- Patterns B) Quilting- Patterns C) Friendship Quilts D) Baskets in Art
    50. A) Quilting B) PatchworkQuilting
    51. A) Patchwork B) Quilting
    52. A) Applique- Patterns B) Quilting- Patterns C) Patchwork- Patterns
    53. 19 classic quilts to make with shortcuts and quick techniques
    54. Quilting
    55. A) Quilting- Patterns B) Doll Quilts C) Crib Quilts
    56. Quilt Blocks
    57. Time- Saving Quilt Methods
    58. Quilting Skills
    59. 25 Cozy Projects to Warm Your Home
    60. Quilting Projects
    61. A) Quilting B) Applique
    62. A) Patchwork B) Quilting C) Patchwork Quilts
    63. A) Patchwork B) Quilting
    64. Quilting
    65. Quilting
    66. A) Quilting- Patterns B) Machine Quilting- Patterns
    67. A) Quilting- Patterns B) Patchwork- Patterns C) Bible Crafts
    68. Over 200 easy- to- follow patchwork & quilting patterns
    69. A) Quilting- Patterns B) Machine Quilting- Patterns
    70. A) Patchwork- Patterns B) Patchwork Quilts C) Rotary Cutting
    71. A) Patchwork B) Applique C) Quilts D) Farmyard
    72. A) Patchwork- Patterns B) Patchwork Quilts C) Strip Quilting
    73. A) Patchwork B) Quilting
    74. A) Quilting B) Machine Quilting
    75. Christmas Quilting
    76. 24 original designs to make in less than a week
    77. A) Techniques & Projects B) Traditional & Contemporary Designs
    78. Quilting
    79. Quilting
    80. Quilt-Making Techniques
    81. 26 Techniques Every Quilter Should Know
    82. A) Patchwork- Patterns B) Quilting- Patterns C) Applique- Patterns
    83. Quilting
    84. Quilting
    85. Quilting
    86. Quilting
    87. Quilting
    88. A) Machine Quilting- Patterns B) Patchwork- Patterns
    89. Quilting
    90. Tablecloth
    91. Quilting
    92. Appliqued Quilting
    93. 1. Easy “no-sew” angel gardening projects 2. Fabric 3. Patterns
    94. Patchwork Blocks
    95. Quilting
    96. A) Quilting- Patterns B) Patchwork- Patterns
    97. A) Time- Saving Designs B) Quilting
    98. Step- By-Step Quilting Instruction
    99. A) Patchwork- Patterns B) Machine Quilting- Patterns
    100. Hand Quilting
    101. Christmas Quilting
    102. A) Techniques Step by Step B) 40 Complete Quilt Projects C) Over 1000 Photos
      1. A) Patchwork B) Patchwork- Patterns C) Quilting D) Quilting- Patterns E) Log Cabin Quilts
      2. A) Patchwork- Patterns B) Patchwork Quilts
      3. Quilting
      4. A) Quilting- Patterns B) Quilts, Amish
      5. A) Quilting B) Quilts
      6. Quilting
      7. A) Quilts B) English/French Text
      8. Quilting
      9. A) Quilting- Patterns B) Patchwork- Patterns C) Machine Quilting
      10. Quilting
      11. A) Machine Quilting- Patterns B) Patchwork C) Quilts
      12. Making a Quilt from a Single Block
      13. A Treasury of Strip Quilt Projects
      14. Master new sewing skills with these simple-to-make projects
      15. A) Patchwork- United States- Patterns B) Quilts- United States
      16. A) Patchwork- United States- Patterns B) Patchwork Quilts- United States
      17. A) Quilting- Patterns B) Patchwork- Patterns C) Stars in Art
      18. Step-by-Step Instructions to Create an Americana Sampler Quilt
      19. Step-by-Step Workbook
      20. Machine Quilting
      21. New approach to quilting combining applique, piece-work, and occasional hand painted detail
      22. Fat Quarters
      23. A) Quilting B) Seasons
      24. Quilting
      25. Star Patterns
      26. A) Lap Quilting B) Over 50 designs
      27. A) Lap Quilting B) Over 70 traditional designs & projects
      28. A) Pot holders B) Quilting
      29. A) Quilting B) Patchwork
      30. Quilting
      31. 12 Scrap quilts to make
      32. A) Patchwork- United States- Patterns B) Quilting- United States- Patterns C) Patchwork Quilts- United States
      33. Wall hanging
      34. A) Patchwork B) Quilting
      35. A) Quilting B) Patchwork C) Applique
      36. Applique
      37. A) Applique B) Applique- Patterns
      38. Wall Hangings
      39. A) Painting B) Floor Coverings C) Decoupage
      40. Floral Delights from Ancient Korea
      41. A) Quilting- Patterns B) Patchwork- Patterns
      42. A) Patchwork- Patterns B) Quilting- Patterns C) Embroidery
      43. A) Quilting- Patterns
      44. Quilt Blocks & Borders
      45. Mallards Wall Quilt
      46. A) Quilting B) Patchwork C) Applique
      47. 24 floral blocks to piece + full size patterns
      48. Quilting
      49. Machine Quilting
      50. A) Applique- Patterns B) Quilting- Patterns
      51. A) Patchwork- Patterns B) Quilted Goods C) Embroidery
      52. A) Applique
      53. Foundation Quilt Blocks
      54. A) Patchwork Patterns B) Rotary Cutting C) Patchwork Quilts
      55. A) Quilting Patterns B) Patchwork Patterns
      56. Turning fabrics into quilts, accessories, and gifts
      57. Christmas fabric decorations
      58. Quilting
      59. 1. Pincushions 2. Quilting
      60. 1. Quilting 2. Applique
      61. 1. Quilting 2. Patchwork
      62. 1. Quilting 2. Patterns
      63. 1. Quilting 2. Fusible Material 3. Patchwork Patterns
      64. 1. Patchwork 2. Quilting
      65. 1. Applique-Patterns 2. Quilt-Design
      66. 1. Snowball Quilts - Basic
      67. Classic quilting
      68. Snowball pattern
      69. Patchwork quilting
      70. Almanac