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Aldrich, Margret - Once Upon a Quilt - A Scrapbook of Quilting Past and Present
Alexander, Karla - New Cuts for New Quilts
Anderson, Alex - Hand and Machine Applique
Aneloski - Dimensional Delights Applique Pieced Embroid. Fibre Art
Armstrong, Carol - A Gathered Garden
Armstrong, Bonnie - Quilts
Avery, Virginia - The Big Book of Applique for Quilts & Banners, Clothes, Hangings, Gifts & More

Baranowski, Willa - Historical Penny Squares
Barnden, Betty - Reader’s Digest: Very Easy Crazy Patchwork
Beal, Margaret - Fusing Fabric
Beal, Susan - Modern Log Cabin Quilting
Beesley, Terrece & Boerens, Trice - Your Family Heritage Projects in Applique
Bell, Johnson, Marquetta - Hand Dyed Quilts
Benner, Cheryl - The Country Bride Quilt Collection
Benner, Cheryl A., Pellman, Rachel T. - The Country Love Quilt
Berry, Sandy - Memories Sew Sweet
Better Homes & Gardens - full-size Quilt Blocks and Borders
Boerens, Trice - 24 Floral Blocks to Piece
Boerens, Trice - 101 Fun-to-Quilt Pot Holders
Boerens, Trice - Curve Patch Quilts Made Easy
Bonesteel, Georgia - Lap Quilting
Bonesteel, Georgia - New Ideas for Lap Quilting
Bong, Gayle - The Infinite Stars
Briscoe, Susan - 130 Mini Quilt Blocks
Burbridge, Pauline - Quilt Studio - innovative techniques for confident & creative quiltmaking & design
Burns, Eleanor - Applique in a day
Burns, Eleanor - Blazing Star Tablecloth
Burns, Eleanor - Quilt Block Party
Burns, Eleanor - Quilt in a Day

Casciato, Cindy - Stash with Splash Quilts
Case, Sandra Graham - The Quilted Year
Causee, Linda - Foundation Blocks
Causee, Linda - Learn to Quilt Row by Row
Causee, Linda - Quilts A to Z
Chainey, Barbara - Fast Quilts from Fat Quarters
Childs, Anne Van Wagner - In Love with Quilts
Claxton, Annette - Quick Quilts
Clayton, Barbara - Merry Christmas Quilting
Cleveland, Susan Ramey - Great American Quilts - Book Six
Collins, Sally - The Art of Machine Piecing
Conard, Candace, N. - Great American Quilts
Corey, John - Quilts
Cotton, Betty - Cotton Theory Quilting
Cotton, Betty - Cotton Theory Quilting 2
Cox, Meg - The Quilters Catalog
Craig, Sharyn Squier - Half Log Cabin Quilts
Creative Publishing - The Quilting Bible

Daniel, Nancy Brenan - Learn to do: Hand Quilting - in just one day
Davis, Jodi - Three Dimensional Applique
Doak, Carol - Easy Machine Paper Piecing
Dobson, Jenni - Patchwork Quilting & Applique
Dobson, Jenni - Sweet and Simple Country Quilts
Dove, Sue - Painting with Stitches

Echols, Margit - 50 Country Quilting Projecs
Edwards, Lynn - Stash-Buster Quilts

Fitzpatrick, Sawn - Folk Art Applique Quilts
Fitzpatrick, Nancy J. - Quilts for All Seasons
Fons, Marianne & Porter, Liz - Americana Sampler
Fons, Marianne & Porter, Liz - Fat Quarter Friendly
Fons, Marianne & Porter, Liz - Quilter’s Complete Guide
Fons, Marianne & Porter, Liz - Scrap Quilts
Fons, Marianne & Porter, Liz - Star Quilts

Gardens, Better Homes and - American Patchwork & Quilting
Gering, Jacquie - Walk
Gilbert, Wendy - Spools & Tools
Graul, Zoe - Quilting by Machine
Green, Mary V. - Log Cabin Quilts
Green, Mary V. - Nine Patch Quilts
Greig, Daphne - Give & Take
Groves, Barbara & Mary Jacobson - Me and My Sister’s Fun Quilts
Guerrier, Katherine - Patchwork and Quilting
Guerrier, Katherine - Scrap Quilt Sensation
Guerrier, Katherine - The Quilting and Patchwork Project Book

Haeff, Rutu Van - Quilt Handmade Style
Hanson, Joan & Hickey, Mary - The Joy of Quilting
Hanson, Joan - The Simple Joys of Quilting
Harris, Susan - Classic Quilts
Hatch, Sandra - Favorite Heirloom Quilts
Hawley, M’Liss Rae - Fat Quarter Quilts
Hawley, M’Liss Rae - Precut Quilts
Hearder, Valerie - Beyond the horizon, small landscape applique
Hennebury, Krista - Make It, Take It
Hickey, Mary - Comfort and Joy - 14 Quilts for Christmas
Hickey, Mary - Quick & Easy Quiltmaking
Hiney, Mary Jo - Beautiful Quiltagami
Hire, Dianne S. - App is for Applique
Hoggett, Sarah - Making & Displaying Quilts
Holmes, Sharon - Yesterday’s Charms
Hopkins, Judy & Martin, Nancy J. - 101 Fabulous Rotary-Cut Quilts
Hopkins, Judy - Around the Block Again
House of White Birches - Quilts for Babies & Kids
House of White Birches - Small Wall Quilts

Jacobson, Anthony and Jeanne - Quilting Around Your Home
James, Michael - The Second Quiltmaker’s Handbook
Jarvis, Ralph and Corey Follett - The Quilted Stash
Jensen, Lynette - A Thimble berries House warming
Jensen, Lynette - Learning to Quilt
Jensen, Lynette - New Collection of Classic Quilts
Johnson, Mary Elizabeth - A Garden of Quilts
Jolly, Kimberly - Simply Fat Quarters
Jones, De Loa - Scraps Organized to Perfection

Kavaya, Karol & Skemp, Vicki - Community Quilts
Kavaya, Karol & Skemp, Vicki - Quilting - 20 Fresh & Fabulous Projects
Kimball, Jeana - Loving Stitches - A Guide to Fine Hand Quilting
Kimball, Jeana - The Red and Green: An Applique Tradition
Knoechel, Patricia - Snowball Quilt Simplified
Knox, Gerald - New Patchwork and Quilting Book
Kooler, Donna - Encyclopedia of Quilting
Kooler, Donna - Quilts of Thimble Creek
Krush, Pearle Louise - The Quilted Cottage

Lawther, Gail - The Complete Quilting Course
Leisure Arts - Encyclopedia of Classic Quilt Patterns
Leisure Arts - Quick Method Quilts
Levie, Eleanor - Country Quilts
Levie, Eleanor - Great Little Quilts
Levie, Eleanor - Threaded together: The pink ribbon quilt project
Linker, Sue - Sunbonnet Sue, All Through the Year
Linsley, Leslie - Country Patchwork & Quilting
Linsley, Leslie - Country Weekend Patchwork Quilts
Linsley, Leslie - The Weekend Quilt

MacDonald, Jessie - Let’s Make More Patchwork Quilts
MacGregor, Shirley - Quilting in the Morning Calm
Mahoney, Nancy - Basket Bonanza
Mahoney, Nancy - Rich Traditions - Scrap Quilts t Paper Piece
Makham, Rosemary - Biblical Blocks
Malone, Maggie - 120 Patterns for Traditional Patchwork Quilts
Malone, Maggie - Quilting Shortcuts
Maloney, Tricia Lynn - Orphan Block Quilt
Marti, Michell - A Quilter’s Christmas
Martin, Nancy - Rolling Along Easy Quilts from 2 ½" Strips
Martin, Nancy - Simply Scrappy Quilts
Martin, Peggy - Paper Piece - The Quik Strip Way
Martin, Terry - Quilting with precuts and shortcuts
Martina, Helene - The Farmyard in Patchwork and Applique
McClun, Diana & Nownes, Laura - Quilts ! Quilts!! Quilts!!!
McClun, Diana & Nownes, Laura - Quilts Galore!
McCormick, Gordon, Magg - The Quilting Sourcebook
McGarvey, Carol - Quilting Pieces of the Past
McKendry, Ruth - Quilts and other bed coverings in the Canadian tradition
McNeill, Suzanne - Strip Crazy-Quilting on a Roll
Michell, Marti - Designing Quilts with Strips and Squares
Miller, Margaret - Smashing Sets
Milner Crafts - The Handbook of Quilting
Moore Mansha Evans - America’s Regional Quilting
Morris, Patricia J. & Muir, Jeannette - Worth Doing Twice
Mouton, Mary Kay - Flip-Flop Paper Piecing
Mulari, Mary - Embroidery Machine Essentials: Applique Adventures
Mumm, Debbie - 12 Days of Christmas
Mumm, Debbie - Fabric Frenzy
Mumm, Debbie - Frosty Folks
Mumm, Debbie - Just For Fun
Mumm, Debbie - More Quick Country Quilting
Mumm, Debbie - Nature’s Christmas
Mumm, Debbie - New Expressions
Mumm, Debbie - Quick Country Christmas Quilts
Mumm, Debbie - Quick Country Quilting
Mumm, Debbie - Quick Country Quilts for Every Room
Mumm, Debbie - Seasonal Samples: Autumn and Winter

Nerud, Thea - One-of-a-Kind Quilt Labels
Nownes, Laura - Sunbonnet Sue

O’Brien, Sandra - Great American Quilts
Olsen, Kirstin - Quilters Color Workbook
Oxmor House - Quilt with the Best

Pappas, Dina - More Quick Watercolor Quilts
Pappas, Dina - Quick Watercolor Quilts
Pare, Jean - Patchwork Quilting
Pederson, Sharon - Reversible quilts - two at a time
Pellman, Rachel and Kenneth - How to Make an Amish Quilt
Perry, Gai - Do It Yourself Framed Quilts
Poe, Ann - Quilting School
Porter, Liz and Fons, Marianne - Quick Quilts from the Heart

Roberts, Luise - 1,000 Great Quilting Designs
Rodale Quilt Book - Quilt Making - Tips and Techniques
Roen, Farn - 7 Day Country Quilts
Rolfe, Margaret - Australian Patchwork Designs
Romaker, Ruth - Victorian Quilting
Root, Elizabeth - Hawaiian Quilting
Rotz - Sharon V. - Quilting Through the Seasons

Saffiote, Cheri - 301 Country Christmas Quilt Blocks
Schaefer, Marjon - Quick-Sew Celebrations
Schmidt, Holly L. - 336 Ten-Minute Quilt Blocks
Schneider, Sally - Celebrating the Quilt
Schneider, Sally - Scrapmania
Scott, Helen - Patterns of the Past - Bonnet Girls
Segna, Joan; Crow, Jayme - Following the Dots to Dazzling Quilts
Senuta, Emily G - Blooms & Baskets; Gems of Summer
Shackelford, Anita - Applique with Folded Cutwork
Shore, Suzanne Tigue - Folk Art - Cookie Cutters
Shurtleff, Marcia Dalbey - Patchwork Animal Quilts
Sinema, Laurene - The Quilted Apple
Singer - Quilt Projects by Machine
Singer - The Quilting Bible
Sloppy, Evelyn - Sew One and You’re Done
Smith, Loretta - Pineapple Quilt - A Piece of Cake
Smith, Nancy & Milligan, Lynda - Pineapple Passion
Smith, Nancy - Super Simple Strips
Snyder, Karen - Fat Quarter Fun
Snyder, Sheila Sinclair - Perfect-Fit Pieced Borders
Speth, Pat - Nickel Quilts
Srebro-Johnson, Nancy - Block Magic
Stauffer, Jeanne & Hatch, Sandra - Holly Jolly Christmas Quilting
Stauffer, Jeanne & Hatch, Sandra - Weekend Scrap Quilting
Swim, Laurie - The Quilt as Art - Rags to Riches
Syme, Lynette-Merlin - Learn Patchwork

Townswick, Jane - Artful Album Quilts
Townswick, Jane - Easy Machine Quilting
Van Haeff, Ruth & Flew, Janine - Quilt: Handmade Style
Vanessa-Ann - Small Quilts
Vaughan, Ciba - Romantic Patchwork & Quilting
Vaughan, Paula - Romance with Quilts
Verney, Rose - The Applique Book

Wagner, Debra - Teach Yourself Machine Piecing & Quilting
Warehime, Retta - On-Point Quilts
Watts, Cathy - The Hidden Hazards of Quilting
Weidman, Mary Lou - Happy Go Lucky Quilts
Weidman, Mary Lou - Quilted Memories
Weiss, Rita - Templates for 171 Nine-Patch Quilt Blocks
Weiss, Rita - The Patchworker: Sewing Machine Quilt

Wells, Jean, Anderson, Marina - A Celebration of Hearts
Wells, Jean - Buttonhole Stitch Applique
Wells, Jean - Machine Applique Made Easy
Wells, Jean & Thorn, Lawry - The Stitchin’ Post
Wheeler, Beth - Quick Quilter’s Pincushions
White, Tonne - Appliquilt for Christmas
White, Tonne - Appliquilt - Your ABC’s
Wick, Nancy - The Quilt Block Book
Wilder, Donna - Sampler Blocks from Antique Quilts
Wilens, Patricia - Scrap Quilts Fast and Fun
Wilkinson, Rosemary - The Weekend Quilter
Wolfe, Jackie & Aluna, Lori - The Quilting Bee
Wolff, Colette - Seasonal Patchwork & Quilting
Wood, Kaye - Starmakers Ablaze, Volume I

Young, Blanche & Young, Helen - Trip Around the World Quilts

Zieman, Nancy - Quilt with Confidence

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