Sensitive Issues Bags

As part of a project in the Cambridge-Narrows Regional Library and with the support of the Women’s Institutes in the area, we would like to inform you about our Sensitive Issues Bags. These bags were made up to help families explain specific subjects that they may find difficult to discuss with their children. The books are to be used with a variety of ages up to 13 years old. There are some parent books in a few of the bags to help with discussions as well.

An RCMP Foundation grant in 2011 made it possible to add more topics/bags. This also allowed us to make specific bags for District 2 Victim Services.

It was felt the people with responsibilities in our area may be interested in knowing about this project as they frequently are involved with many of these topics with families. Each bag is to be signed out as a unit. With a variety of books on the topic in each bag, it is hoped children can begin to comprehend what the parent/grandparent /caregiver wants understood.

The bags available for sign out are as follows:

  • Adoption/Foster Child
  • Biting
  • Blended Families
  • Bullying
  •  Death
  • Death (Pets)
  • Divorce
  • Domestic Violence
  • Feelings
  • First Loose Tooth
  • Going to the Hospital
  • Having a New Baby in the Home
  • Moving
  • No Such Things as Monsters
  • Potty Training
  •  Say “No”
  •  Starting School
  • Telling the Truth

We hope you will encourage families to utilize these bags and if there is a topic you feel would benefit parents feel free to contact us and we’ll try to create another bag.


Positive Discipline Box - contains books and activities to help parents cope with discipline issues

ADHD Box - contains books and activities with respect to children with ADHD

Anxiety Box - contains books and activities to help children and parents deal with this issue

Baby Signing Box - contains books for parents to communicate with infants by signing